Ultimate Eye Correction Treatment

The Ultimate Eye Treatment Package is a combination treatment using a chemical eye peel and radio frequency.

This treatment is perfect for

Reducing the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes / Crows feet
Brightening dark circles / Reducing Pigmentation
Tightening loose skin / sagging lids
Reducing eye bags and puffiness

The Inno-Exo Ultimate Eye Corrector is a revolutionary chemical peel from Spanish
Innoaesthetics laboratories, for the treatment of sensitive and problematic areas around theeyes.

After application of the peel, the skin is firmer, brighter and with less wrinkles. The active
ingredients of each peel will address both superficial and deeper layers of the skin in order to achieve the optimum result; renewed revitalised skin.

To help further enhance the peel results, a session of radio frequency is then carried out,
focusing on the eye area.

No needles . No pain. No downtime .

This fabulous combination treatment is available exclusively at The Wrinkle Room.
A single session will boost the eye area but a total of 4 treatment sessions is recommended to give optimum results which last around 4-6 months.

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